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Bristol in the sky

It’s time for a few cocktails.

Money. Check. Phone. Check. Best outfit. Check. Head for heights. Check.

Hang on… Head for heights?

Wednesday’s few drinks on Bristol harbour was no ordinary trip to the boozer. Oh no. It was the press launch of Bristol In The Sky, dining and drinking 100 feet above the city!!

I had the Lifestyle District golden ticket and joined a group of fellow bloggers for an unforgettable 45 minutes.

“Keep hold of your stuff,” we were told in our pre-flight briefing. “We lost a couple of mobile phones in Newcastle.”

Potentially flying smartphones probably explain why the team on the ground were wearing hard hats!

We were then allocated seats and strapped in. Not the usual activity when you get shown to your seats in a restaurant!

But this hanging table and chairs which seat 22 is no ordinary bar with the drinks served from a pop-up kitchen in the centre of the platform.

In only a few seconds we’d reached the top and me and my fellow drinkers couldn’t help but whoop with delight as the team from Clifton cocktail bar, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, welcomed us.

The views were spectacular and we were like a gang of excited kids as we looked down and dangled our feet above the city below. There was also some serious Instagramming going on. How could we resist not doing that?!

Before take off we were all given an envelope which we opened in the sky. It contained the ingredients of a yummy rum cocktail. I managed to not drop anything. This is one bar where you really do need to keep hold of your drink!

The 45 minutes just zoomed by and I was so sad when we headed back down. Definitely an experience to remember though!

Several Bristol food and drink outlets are hosting breakfast, lunch, dinner and gelato sessions during Bristol In The Sky which runs until 11 September. Tickets are still available so hurry and get yours here.

Many thanks to Olivia and Polly at Pam Lloyd PR for inviting me

Events in the Sky - Bristol In The Sky

Bristol In The Sky

Bristol In The Sky

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